Breastfeeding Awareness Week 2016

Hosted by The Home-Start Infant Feeding Peer Support Team a group of local mums from Tameside gathered together at Hyde Flowery Fields Children’s Centre on Monday 20th June, to celebrate Breast Feeding Awareness Week. The group meet every Monday morning between 9.30am and 12pm. There is also a baby weighing clinic here and Fiona Munro-Muotune, the Infant Feeding Co-ordinator, is also on hand to help mums with more complex feeding support.


Alison Page, the group facilitator from Home-Start peer support group, said, “It is fantastic that our group can offer help to local mothers so they can have support and advice from trained peer supporters, working alongside children centres, midwives and health visitors in Tameside to promote breastfeeding.”

Denise Farrow Infant Feeding Services Manager said, “Our breastfeeding Peer support team are a mixture of paid staff and volunteers who are all mums with personal experience of breastfeeding their own babies”. We believe if you, “feed for comfort, the nutrition will take care of itself.”

The team are highly trained and supported by The Breastfeeding Network to help new mums and they offer friendly, non- judgemental support and information during pregnancy and the early days of breastfeeding.

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