Story Makers sessions at Tameside Libraries

Be part of a bigger story!

Come along to Story Sessions at Tameside Libraries!

These FREE fun interactive sessions involve songs, stories, puppets and instruments, and are suitable for children 0-4 years old.  Initial taster sessions will be taking place soon, leading up to a 35-week programme starting in June, where families will have the chance to get involved in creating a series of published books.

The sessions will be an hour long with interactive stories, puppets and instruments. Once the groups are underway we will be asking a writer and illustrator to attend these sessions and they will weave together a story using the children’s and the parents ideas. These books will then be published and each family that participated in the sessions will receive a copy of the book.

See details of initial sessions here:  Tameside Story Makers Sessions


One thought

  1. Absolutely brilliant. It is very difficult to balance the different needs of children between 0 and 4 but this was achieved really well. There was a good range of quiet and loud, active and still. Such an enjoyable morning.


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