Education/Play Resources

With many children to be kept off school for an indefinite period, you might be worried about how to keep them occupied and stimulated.  Here are a few ideas and links, so pick and choose any you think you and your kids might enjoy!


BBC Bitesize – :  Brilliant learning resources and games for all ages of children, this site will be specifically updated to assist parents during the current time.

Khan Academy – Especially good for maths and computing for all ages but other subjects at Secondary level. Note this uses the U.S. grade system but it’s mostly common material.


Oxford Owl – : Free e-book library with all the characters your children read at school, plus phonics and maths resources.

Starfall – :  Practice phonics skills with read-along stories


Kids National Geographic – :  Loads of fun facts, ideas and info – great for setting a fact-finding task.

The Exploratorium – :  Fascinating science facts, experiments and other stuff for older children (8 and up)


Tiny Happy People – :  Help develop your young child’s communication skills with activities and play.


ABCYA – :  Games incorporating maths and reading skills


Google Earth – :  Explore anywhere in the world from your living room.  Kids love seeing their own street from space!


There are loads of lists online if you’re feeling a bit stuck for things to do, a quick Google will bring up more suggestions than you have time for!  Some classics are:

  • Plant a seed – children love messing with earth, so find a couple of pots and let them plant a seed.  You can show them pictures of what it might grow into, and they can look after it as it grows!
  • Play Hide-and-Seek
  • Make an easy recipe
  • Make a movie/write a play
  • Camp inside
  • Fly a kite
  • Do a science experiment
  • Draw on the windows with washable markers
  • Learn words in a new language
  • Face-painting
  • Build a card house
  • Play a board game
  • Make pasta jewellery
  • Make salt dough
  • Decorate an old t-shirt
  • Wash the car
  • Vacuum the car (seriously, it’s amazing how into cleaning kids can get if you let them be in charge…)
  • Chalk the pavement
  • Make paper aeroplanes
  • Play frisbee
  • Make a ‘How-To’ video – this is a great way for kids to practice effective communication, by picking something to explain.
  • Make a dream board – help them build a board of their interests, and things they’d love to do in the future.  It’s a great way to think through how you go about acheiving
  • goals!
  • Have a dance party
  • Make a time capsule
  • Play charades or ‘guess-what-I’m drawing’ – this is especially good to help younger kids with fine motor and communication skills

Don’t worry if you can’t occupy your kids with a useful educational activity every minute of the day.  Do what you can, and don’t beat yourself up about what you can’t – seeing their family pull together and make the best of a difficult situation is a fantastic learning outcome!