Parent-Infant Mental Health (PIMH)

photograph of tiny baby holding grown-up's finger

Home-Start HOST works in partnership with the NHS Early Attachment Service to deliver the Parent-Infant Mental Health project (PIMH), promoting and supporting the importance of early attachment.  Our Home-Visiting Family Support volunteers receive additional training to support families with a child under the age of 2, or with a child that hasn’t yet been born.

This project is to provide support to families in Tameside who are experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues and are pregnant or have a least one child under the age of 2.

Many factors can affect how parents feel about their baby and themselves.  Having a baby or young child can be difficult at the best of times. Sometimes it can feel hard to cope with a baby’s feeding or sleeping patterns, or a baby who cries a lot.  Depression and anxiety in pregnancy or after the baby’s birth, a traumatic birth, mental health problems, events from the past or happening now, can affect how parents feel about their baby.  Parents may feel worried about some of the thoughts and feelings they are having.  These problems can affect anyone.

Support is provided within the home and community to promote parental engagement, positive parent and infant relationships and positive well being.

Referral Criteria
  • Parents who need support in building their relationship with their baby or young child
  • Families living in Tameside, who are pregnant and/or have at least one child under the age of two
  • Families where Mum and/or Dad are experiencing, or at risk of mild to moderate mental health issues
  • Families who are experiencing other factors including but not exclusive to: adolescent parents, first born infants, low birth weight infants and parents with a diagnosis of mental illness, developmental disability or substance abuse
  • Families that have consented to referral and are willing to engage with PIMH Home-Start support
How to refer for PIMH support

Professionals can refer with the family’s consent by completing a Referral Form, available to download here.

If you think you may be in need of PIMH support, you can self-refer by contacting the Home-Start HOST office:

Tel        0161 344 0669


If you would like to discuss if a family would benefit from the PIMH project please call us 0161 344 0669 or email